Misery Audiobook – Stephen King (A Novel)

Misery Audiobook – Stephen King (A Novel)

Misery Audiobook Free
Misery Audiobook



Written in 1987, Stephen King’s emotional scary unique Anguish tells the story of Paul Sheldon, a best-selling American writer of a series of love stories set in the nineteenth century, featuring the protagonist Torment Chastain. Paul locates himself in a “situation where he was not just composing for his dinner but for his life” (122) when his self-proclaimed “number-one fan” (6 ), a middle-aged, previous nurse named Annie Wilkes, rescues him from a car accident during a snow tornado in Colorado. Annie’s fandom, however, becomes a hazardous fascination. Paul defend his life as Annie’s mania turns extra treacherous and Paul races to complete the unique Annie has forced him to write, Torment’s Return.

Torment begins following Paul’s auto mishap when Annie draws him from his car and drives him to her residence, a remote farm outside the fictional Sidewinder, Colorado. Misery Audiobook. Paul suffers serious leg injuries, which Annie sets crudely and treats with “a pain-killer with a hefty codeine base called Novril” (9 ). Paul had just left the Boulderado Hotel after completing Rapid Vehicles, his very first story that did not “feature Torment” (15 ). Misery “died five pages from the end of Suffering’s Youngster,” the last novel in the Torment collection (15 ). Drunk on commemorative champagne and also caught off-guard by a storm, Paul collapses his Camaro while reaching for his cigarettes. Paul swiftly realizes that Annie is “hazardously crazy” and is keeping him hostage in her residence (10 ).

After reviewing the Rapid Automobiles manuscript while Paul recuperates, Annie becomes upset concerning its “profanity” (23 ). Her rage causes her to throw a soup dish versus a wall, smashing it. After cleaning it up later, Annie pressures Paul to make use of soapy water to swallow his Novril. When Annie finishes reading Misery’s Youngster and also discovers Anguish has actually died, she ends up being so distressed that she leaves Paul alone for days. When Annie returns, she forces Paul to shed his Fast Cars and trucks manuscript then purchases him a Royal typewriter and tells him to compose his “finest novel,” Torment’s Return( 67 ).

Paul struggles to come up with a convincing means to bring Anguish back to life. Through Annie’s threat and also a “single, reluctant pointer” (166 ), though, Paul handles to come up with something Annie refers to as “good” as well as “exciting” (148 ). With a couple of exemptions, Paul and also Annie fall into a type of agreeable rhythm for the next 3 weeks. Paul composes “an extremely straight life” engendered by his captor, Annie, that, for her component, remains great and collected (165 ). Misery Audiobook Free. Then the weather adjustments and also Annie penetrates an anxiety, leaving Paul alone once more.

Throughout this moment, Paul endeavors out of his room as well as finds a scrapbook, loaded with newspaper clippings from Annie’s life. Paul finds that Annie began murdering people at the age of eleven. Throughout her profession as a registered nurse, Annie murdered lots of senior individuals and infants. She was billed and tried for just one baby’s death, and also though the jury thought Annie was guilty, they had “extremely practical questions regarding her guilt” (206 ). Hereafter, Annie no longer functioned as a registered nurse. When Annie returns from her “Chuckling Place” where she mosts likely to be alone, Annie tells Paul that his Camaro has actually been swept away in the spring snow melt (179 ). Annie then informs Paul that she recognizes he’s left his area numerous times. As penalty, Annie ‘hinders’ Paul by cutting off his left foot with an axe.

Paul continues composing as he recoups from his amputation. He and Annie reach a worried tranquility till a young law enforcement officers named Kushner reaches Annie’s residence. Paul screams from inside his area then tosses his ashtray gone, obtaining the police officer’s interest. Officer Kushner identifies Paul as the missing out on writer he’s seeking, but Annie strikes and eliminates Kushner with her lawn mower. After this murder, Paul knows it’s all “practically over” for he and Annie (290 ). Paul chooses he’s going to kill Annie prior to she could kill him.

State troopers Wilkes and also McKnight show up soon after Kushner’s disappearance. They question Annie but do not jail her. This moment Paul doesn’t attempt to get their interest. He’s dealt with to finish Anguish’s Return “in relative peace,” yet additionally since he intends to kill Annie himself (310 ). After ending up Misery’s Return, Paul melts the manuscript before a horrified Annie, then brings his Royal typewriter down on her back, damaging it. After drastically harming Annie, Paul crawls out of his room, locks the door behind him and also hides in the shower room. That evening, cannon fodders Wilkes as well as McKnight return and rescue Paul. Misery Audiobook Listen Online. Paul is terrified to learn that the cannon fodders really did not discover Annie in your house, though. He yells up until he faints.

At the novel’s end, Paul is back in New York City, meeting with his editor about Torment’s Return. Though Paul’s publisher has actually gotten “an extraordinary very first printing of a million duplicates” (344 ), Paul cannot loosen up. He’s replaced Novril with alcohol as well as still has major discomforts in his legs. Paul cannot write and has dreadful visions of Annie concerning assault him, though he gains from the troopers that they located Annie dead from her injuries in her barn.

Torment discovers Stephen King’s very own experiences with writer’s block, medicine dependency, and feeling stifled by his track record as a writer of scary novels. Through the extended allegories of Paul’s simultaneous jail time by as well as reliance on his largest fan, Annie, King shows the difficult partnership in between writer as well as viewers, in addition to an author’s very own connection to his process.

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