The Silent Corner Audiobook – Dean Koontz

The Silent Corner Audiobook – Dean Koontz

The Silent Corner Audiobook - Dean Koontz Free
The Silent Corner Audiobook – Dean Koontz

After finding that a strange surge in self-destructions, including that of her enhanced Marine other half, was activated by nanotech brain implants, FBI representative Jane Hawk goes rogue to root out the wicked conspiracy theory behind the fatalities.

Targeted by drones and also various other sophisticated innovation, the grieving widow hides her young child with friends and relocations stealthily across southern The golden state finding the perpetrators– mostly crazy scientist Bertold Shenneck. His implants, injected into the sufferers, additionally are being utilized to mind-control the companions at an elegant brothel. The Silent Corner Audiobook – Dean Koontz Download. Also staying off the grid by driving thirdhand autos and also making use of heater mobile phones and also computers in libraries, Jane can’t avoid the crooks. But like Jack Reacher, she’s capable of handling the resistance single-handedly, with or without her trusty Heckler & Koch pistol. At the same time, she’s a deep thinker, a woman that “had grown quieter in all things, as though she was preparing soon to be a ghost and also quiet for life.” A proven expert at work scenes, Koontz pulls off some doozies right here while doing a wonderful work of soft-pedaling the Michael Crichton– kind techno things. The murder of numerous travelers by terrorists collapsing an airplane right into a Philadelphia expressway is too big an event to utilize as background detail, yet guide has plenty of neat touches such as calling the brain-controlled people “rayshaws” after the name of the protagonist in The Manchurian Prospect. And also the prose, as constantly in a Koontz book, is top-notch.

The silent corner is specified as such: “Those that are really off the grid and can not be tracked by any modern technology, yet have the ability to stir freely and also use the Internet, are claimed to be in the quiet edge.”

It is in this one-of-a-kind realm that Jane Hawk stays. It took the suicide of Jane’s spouse Nick, a completely unexpected act, to spur her right into action, which has actually disclosed to her a startling reality. It seems that suicides have actually boosted at a worrying price all over the country. Much more disturbing is the amount of unanticipated self-destructions by talented, obviously happy and important individuals. Nothing will stop Jane until she has a legit response as to why her other half and so many hundreds of others have all of a sudden been compelled to pass away at their own hands.

THE QUIET EDGE is prompt and also hard-hitting. It will certainly catch many of Dean Koontz’s fans by surprise– those who are accustomed to his thrillers including “talented” kids or “enchanting” canines, typically Golden Retrievers. The stars of this book are flesh-and-blood individuals taking care of real troubles. Nevertheless, it harkens back to an old Koontz plotline, specifically the nameless, faceless group of wicked people who are behind the conspiracy theory his protagonist is attempting to beat.

Jane remains in a really negative area since Nick’s stunning death. She gets on a leave of absence from her function as an FBI agent, as well as really feels as if nature was colluding with mankind in business wicked and also damaging. Although young, her abilities are formidable, as well as she makes use of every one of them to start her quest of avenging her spouse.

When Jane discovers the alarming figures of the suicides happening nationwide, she starts on a journey to meet other survivors that lost enjoyed ones to suicide around the nation. Her objective has actually not gone unnoticed. She has agitated some truly terrifying people– the very same individuals who lag the suicide conspiracy theory she has actually discovered. The Silent Corner Audio Book Streaming. As soon as viewers discover more concerning the identification as well as motives of this group, they will have to examine themselves for the many chills running up their backs.

At one factor, Jane asks an inquiry: Can configured dreams be used to somehow make the daydreamer in fact want to eliminate himself? If so, why would someone go to that extent to remove seemingly innocent individuals? Responses exist deep within the location understood merely as the facility. Jane gets some aid in the process in the form of burly ex-Special Pressures participant Dougal Trahern, who looks for to retaliate the suicide death of his half-sister.



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