The Fires of Heaven Audiobook – Robert Jordan

The Fires of Heaven Audiobook – Robert Jordan

The Fires of Heaven Audiobook - Robert Jordan Free
The Fires of Heaven Audiobook – Robert Jordan

Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan is the brand-new Amyrlin Seat as well as she is bent on 2 points, locating the rebel Aes Sedai that oppose her rule and also bringing Rand Al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn, under the control of the White Tower. The Fires of Heaven Audiobook – Robert Jordan Streaming. The Forsaken have their very own plans for Rand. They plan to bait him right into attacking one of their number, Sammael. If Rand does so, he will certainly stroll right into a trap established by three others, Rahvin, Lanfear, and also Graendal.

Siuan Sanche, the recently deposed Amyrlin Seat, triggers across the land in search of the seat of the rebellion. Minutes Farshaw, Leane Sharif, and also Logain travel with her to the covert city of Salidar, where the rebellion has actually set up a “Little Tower” to oppose Elaida. Siuan and also Leane persuade the rebels to begin the procedure of selecting a new Amyrlin to make their opposition to Elaida authorities.

Nynaeve al’Meara, Elayne Trakand, Thom Merrilin, and also Juilin Sandar slip out of Tanchico to begin their trip back to the White Tower and continue their quest of the Black Ajah. After they are drugged as well as nearly captured by a spy for the Yellow Ajah, they discover the stroke of genius in the White Tower and also solve to situate the sisters of the rebellion. Nynaeve meets Egwene in Tel’Aran’Rhiod, and with each other they explore the documents of Elaida and also her caretaker Alviarin. They discover that Siuan and also Leane have been stilled, an order for the arrest of Moiraine has been released, and also Elaida has revealed an amnesty for any siblings that will return to the Tower and approve her guideline. Nynaeve additionally discovers the place of the rebellion. Nynaeve as well as Elayne get here in Salidar as well as the sisters of the Little Tower waste little time in returning them to their status as lowly Accepted.

Rand Al’Thor has been given promises of commitment by numerous of the Aiel tribes. The Shaido, led by Couladin and also Sevanna still resist, as well as have started an invasion of Cairhien, with Couladin posing as the Dragon Reborn. The Shaido lay siege to Cairhien however Rand as well as his pressure of devoted Aiel break the siege. Mat Cauthon plays a leading role in the battle as well as eliminates Couladin. Rand is welcomed by the nobles of Cairhien yet declines to take the throne, specifying that it comes from Elayne Trakand.

A report gets here in Cairhien that Rahvin has actually killed Queen Morgase and also currently rules Caemlyn. Rand solves to attack Rahvin and also retaliate Morgase, while at the same time protecting Andor for Elayne. Prior to he triggers, Lanfear, angry when she learns more about Rand’s affair with Aviendha, assaults Aviendha as well as Egwene, forcing Rand to defend them. Moiraine obstructs Lanfear and handles to pull both Lanfear and herself with the ter’angreal to the world of the Aelfinn that Mat had made use of in Rhuidean. Lan can no longer feel Moiraine’s existence as well as concludes she is dead.

Rand confronts Rahvin in Caemlyn as well as both soon slip into Tel’Aran’Rhiod, dueling. Nynaeve records an additional of the Forsaken, Moghedien, in Tel’Aran’Rhiod and, making use of a tool to control Moghedien’s capacity to channel the One Power, makes use of the Forsaken to aid Rand defeat Rahvin.

Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn, destined to fight the Dark One in the end of the world, leads those Aiel (a warrior desert individuals) willing to follow him into the West to safeguard his new conquests as well as take part in much more direct conflicts with the surviving Forsaken (magic-using males and females who have actually promised themselves to the Dark One). The Fires of Heaven Audio Book Download. After Rand’s revelations in the last publication that the Aiel were once a people dedicated to tranquility, the Aiel split in between those who think that Rand, regardless of being an outlander, is their long-prophesied Auto’a’carn (their very own version of the Dragon Reborn), and those that reject to think either that he is or the scandalous points he has revealed about their past. Those that reject to follow him have accompanied the Shaido clan, and are now leaving the Aiel Waste for the first time in twenty years to sack the city of Cairhien. Rand sets up all the devoted clans and starts quest.

Jasin Natael continues to privately instruct Rand exactly how to regulate his growing power. No one else understands that Natael is really the Forsaken Asmodean, whom Rand beat and shackled with the One Power at the end of the last book. He had important help from Lanfear, who, regardless of likewise being one of the Forsaken, is still fanatically in love with Rand. Also in the Waste with Rand are Mat Cauthon, his youth buddy and also one of the other taver’en (special individuals whose presence changes the fates of those around them), and Moiraine, the Aes Sedai (an enchanting culture of females) who first found Rand and also his friends in both Rivers and established them on this course all those years before.



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