The Battle of the Labyrinth Audiobook – Rick Riordan

The Battle of the Labyrinth – Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 4)

The Battle of the Labyrinth Audiobook Free
The Battle of the Labyrinth Audiobook

The Fight of the Labyrinth is a fantasy-adventure unique inspired Greek mythology as well as written in 2008 by Rick Riordan. It is the 4th in the Percy Jackson series.

The unique begins with Percy Jackson goes to his freshman positioning at Great Secondary school. Rachel Elizabeth Dare assists him combat 2 empousai, specters who were camouflaged as cheerleaders. Percy flees to Camp Half-Blood, yet Rachel continues to be. Percy is reunited with Annabeth, and they learn Grover is in problem. The Battle of the Labyrinth Audiobook. He declared he really felt the god Pan in New Mexico, however is in trouble from the Council for not finding Frying pan. The next sword teacher at Camp is Quintus, that Percy discovers illegible.

Quintus organizes a competitors, during which Annabeth and also Percy discover an entrance to the Labyrinth. Annabeth and also Clarisse have actually been interacting, believing Luke of using this door as a course for intrusion. He prepares to make use of Ariadne’s magical string, presently in the hands of Daedalus. Annabeth is offered the lead, as well as select Grover, Percy, and also Tyson to help her. Chiron informs her three participants is the conventional number, however Annabeth insists on a team of 4. Percy obtains a message: Nico is preparing to bring his sis back from the dead by exchanging her soul. Percy is afraid Nico will follow him.

The 4 begin their mission. They run into first Janus, then Hera, who grants them one desire. Annabeth yearns for navigating through the Maze, yet Hera says Percy already recognizes exactly how, although he does not comprehend exactly what she suggests. Percy has been having headaches regarding Daedalus, the Labyrinth, and also King Minos, currently living as a ghost advisor for Nico. They encounter a beast named Kampe. After that they arrive at Geryon’s cattle ranch, where they find Nico. They consult with Hephaestus, then part means. Tyson and Grover search for Frying pan while Annabeth as well as Percy most likely to Mount St. Helens. The Battle of the Labyrinth Audiobook Free.  When they arrive at the hill, Percy has a battle with a number of telkhines, and also he is nearly killed. They are reforging exactly what the heroes later on learn is Kronos’ scythe, when a sudden quake shoots Percy from the volcano.

When he wakes, Percy gets on Ogygia Island, where Calypso lives. She is a little girl of Atlas, a Titan. Calypso tells Percy she was cursed by the Fates to love heroes that arrive on her island, despite the fact that they need to always leave. Percy recognizes he needs to locate a means residence, and also discovers campers shedding his shadow, believing him dead. He has an emotional go to with Chiron, Annabeth, and his mom. Then he and also Annabeth go to Manhattan to locate Rachel, that is clear-sighted and also can locate the means through the maze. Luke’s minions catch them as well as Percy battles Antaeus. Percy kills the giant and also escapes with Quintus’ ice-whistle. However, Antaeus’ fatality clears the way for Luke to conquer the camp.

They get to Daedalus’ workshop. Quintus shows up as well as reveals that he is really Daedalus, currently a living automaton. He confesses that he gave Luke Ariadne’s string as part of a manage the Titans, believing the camp had no protective opportunity, anyway. Luke’s military gets here, with King Minos in the lead as well as Nico in chains. They find that Minos had actually been assisting Nico locate Daedalus so that they could utilize his spirit as exchange for the old king of Crete, not Nico’s dead sister. The Battle of the Labyrinth Audiobook Listen Online.  Daedalus as well as Nico, both betrayed, side with Annabeth as well as Percy to defeat the Titans. The teens get away while Minos continues to be inside the maze with his hellhound.

The group locates the Titan citadel at Mount Othrys and also learn that Kronos has actually possessed Luke. Ethan Nakamura signs up with the Titans. Nico has to disclose his powers in order to quit Kronos. They run into Grover as well as Tyson, that have actually been searching for Pan the entire time. They go through a passage, as well as come across Frying pan’s tomb. Frying pan speaks with each of them and also passes his spirit into each person.

Then, the group returns to Camp Half-Blood as well as prepares for a fight. The opponent military explodes out of the Maze, led by Kampe. Just as the battle is kipping down the Titans’ support, Daedalus gets here with Mrs. O’Leary as well as a titan, Briares. Briares kills Kampe as well as Grover rescues Camp Half-Blood by creating a Panic. The continuing to be campers compel the adversary to pull away. Nico aids Daedalus to finally pass away, and for that reason destroys the Maze, which had actually been operating on Daedalus’ vital force. Percy is left in the treatment of Mrs. O’Leary.

The camp has a memorial for every one of the killed campers. Grover is banished from the Camp by the Council for committing an act of blasphemy. Percy leaves camp for the school year. At the end of the summer, on his fifteenth birthday, Percy’s papa Poseidon pertains to visit him. He says there is fantastic wickedness at the workplace with Kronos in Luke’s body. He offers him a sand dollar, informs him to invest it intelligently, as well as leaves.

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