Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men Audiobook – Molly Harper

Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men Audiobook – Molly Harper

Nice Girls Don
Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men Audiobook – Molly Harper



Wonderful Women Don’t Date Dead Men continues the adventures of Jane Jameson, former children’s librarian turned vampire. While I will certainly confess to being tired of the undead, I will certainly make an exception for Jane. This is just one of the craziest books I have actually read this year and also Jane is a wonderful personality.

In Good Women Don’t Have Fangs, Jane Jameson was accidently killed by a drunken deer hunter, however her life was saved (in a manner of speaking) when she was become a vampire by Gabriel that is now her lover. Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men Audiobook – Molly Harper Free. Gabriel is hot, attractive and also broody like all self-respecting male vampires, and also he and also Jane get together frequently to play happy naked video games. Yet their connection has its rough spots, the roughest of which is Gabriel’s privacy. He has service ventures around the Southeast as well as he’s always on the phone or flying out of town. When Jane asks below he’s going, he brushes her off. Yes, he can be conscientious, courtly, as well as charming and the sex is greater than great, however Jane can’t help yet wonder why all the secret calls as well as frequent trips.

However, Jane can not invest all her time wondering about Gabriel right now considering that she has a lot to do. Jane is the most effective house maid at the wedding event of Zeb, her BFF considering that they were children. Zeb is about to wed Jolene (who is a monster). Jolene is a sweetie and also she and also Zeb adore each other– it’s their families that are causing trouble. Jolene’s household isn’t all that happy concerning her wedding event a human, leading to Zeb losing a little toe to among their “tricks”, while Zeb’s mom Ginger is imitating Momzilla. Ginger had her heart set on Jane as well as Zeb marrying each other and nothing they claim or do can persuade her otherwise. Many people confronted with terminally insane households would bolt yet Jolene is set on a Titanic motif for her wedding day complete with a 30 foot iceberg and also absolutely nothing is mosting likely to stop her from having the wedding event of her desires. Since Jane is the only sensible individual around, she has actually been roped into wedding event preparation hell, as well as to add insult to injury, she needs to use the ugliest bridesmaid gown evah!

As if that wasn’t sufficient, Jane’s Grandma Ruthie has actually lost her newest partner and, since she just can not lack a guy in her life, she brings a date to the funeral and he appears like he may become Jane’s most recent step-grandpa. Wilbur exhibits bad vibes and a musty scent and also his character goes right together with his look. There is something shady concerning him and it’s not simply his foul-smelling breath. Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men Audio Book Download. Jane’s sibling Jennie still dislikes her for inheriting River Oaks, the family members mansion, Jane’s mother is in deep rejection concerning the whole vampire thing, and Granny Ruthie believes Jane has actually reproached the household by ending up being a vampire. Just Jane’s daddy treats her like a typical individual, however he’s subdued by his wife. Jane’s great-aunt Jettie is fantastic as well as the one member of the family to whom Jane really feels close, yet she’s a ghost. Obviously, Jane’s undead life is a complex one.

Good Girls Don’t Date Dead Men is informed in the first individual by Jane, as well as she is a dear. She’s funny, smart and also, thinking about all the problems thrown at her, she’s extremely imperturbable. Molly Harper does a wonderful task of vampire culture structure and also filling in the backstory, so first time viewers will not be a little bit lost. When the last book in the trilogy Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever comes out in January, I wish that we will certainly get some kind of closure on Jane and Gabriel’s tale given that he continues to be an enigma to us (as well as Jane too).

Nice Women Don’t Date Dead Men is my favorite funny for this year. It’s not too often that I have actually reviewed a publication where I can state I laughed on virtually every page, however I did at this publication. An absolutely funny book with a wonderful heroine adds up to a remarkable read.



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