The Drums of Autumn Audiobook – Diana Gabaldon



Claire Randall, a housewife in Scotland in the 1940s travel through a circle of stones as well as unintentionally travels via time. Claire locates herself in 18th Century Scotland and also meets her soul mate, Jamie Fraser. Jamie stays in Scotland 200 years apart from Claire, amid battle and disruption. Claire loves Jamie as well as decides she will remain in his time. However when Claire obtains expecting with Jamie’s youngster, she is compelled to go back to her time for the safety and security of the child. The Drums of Autumn Audiobook. Claire increases her daughter, Brianna, with the spouse she left, Frank Randall in The U.S.A.. At the same time Jamie is coerced into weding somebody else also. When Frank passes away Claire returns to Scotland as well as finds a gravestone for Jamie Fraser. There is no date or indicator of how he passes away, yet Claire makes up her mind to go back to the past as well as try to save his life. Claire tells Brianna, currently in her twenties the true identity of her blood dad and also leaves to rejoin with Jamie really hoping Brianna will certainly be great.

Claire locates Jamie and also they officially obtain married. They start a number of experiences together, yet Claire is continually ridden with the concern of shedding him. After a ship crash, they wind up in America where they choose loved ones and associates of the Fraser clan. The Drums of Autumn Audiobook Listen Online. Locating a couple of, they clear up in North Carolina and in the process face the challenges of corrupt laws and also national politics, break-in, wild, Indians and also extra. Claire’s luck and present of seeing and also recovery and Jamie’s stamina and also sharp reactions keep them to life.

Claire’s daughter Brianna stays in Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A. and Claire asks a household good friend from Scotland, Roger Wakefield, to watch over her. Brianna as well as Roger are two of the three individuals who understand of Claire’s travel with the stones right into the past. Brianna and Roger can listen to the stone’s calling just as Claire could. When Claire leaves, Brianna comes to be overwhelmed with anxiousness concerning her mom’s well being as well as interest to meet her real papa. Brianna discovers an old paper posting stating that her parents died in a fire less than ten years after her mom’s return. The Drums of Autumn Audiobook Download Free. She makes a decision to travel right into the past to find her parents and like Claire, she is inspired by hopes of changing their fate. Roger, who has actually dropped deeply crazy with Brianna throughout the years, follows her right into the 1700s with hopes of safeguarding her from any type of risk.

However, Brianna gets raped by a recognized creep and also obtains expecting. Roger is mistaken for her rapist and also offered by Jamie Fraser to a feared group of Indians. No person knows exactly what Jamie has actually done and think that Roger is missing. It is as well unsafe to attempt time travel with the child after its born so Brianna has 9 months to choose whether to go back to her very own time without Roger. By the time Jamie understands the error he has actually made with Roger, Brianna has actually preferred to remain. Roger is torn concerning staying in the past, recognizing that Brianna’s child might not be his.

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