I Am Number Four Audiobook – Pittacus Lore (Lorien Legacies, Book 1)

I Am Number Four Audiobook – Pittacus Lore (Lorien Legacies, Book 1)

I Am Number Four Audiobook Free
I Am Number Four Audiobook



I Am Number Four starts as a guy and a kid remainder in a remote African hut. Weird, tall numbers with pointed teeth burst in. They kill the man with a long sword “constructed from a radiating white metal not discovered on Earth.” In his dying breath, the man informs the boy to run. The boy obeys and runs away via the forest at rates around 60 miles each hour. I Am Number Four Audiobook. The high numbers seek him to a ravine. He jumps, unknowning if his superpowers are enough to carry him over. He lands the dive, but more opponents await him beyond. They stab him, as well as he passes away.

The dead kid is Number Three, the 3rd of 9 super-powerful youngsters who were sent out to Planet about a years ago, after their earth, Lorien, was ruined. The attack on Lorien was unforeseen. It was carried out by a race of tall aliens with pointed teeth called Mogadorians, who wished to strip Lorien of its resources. In the complication of the assault, the Loric management managed to send away nine children that would certainly grow up to become members of the Garde, a talented team of Loric individuals blessed with impressive battling capabilities. The children were sent out with Cêpan, grown-up politicians that would certainly train them as they expanded to the age of puberty and also created their powers.

Before the children left Lorien, a magical leader numbered them from one to nine and also cast a beauty that declared that they can only be eliminated in that order– as long as they stayed apart. Since the children have actually shown up in the world, they have actually stayed in hiding, each with a solitary Cêpan. I Am Number Four Audiobook Free. They are unable to call each other for fear of breaking the appeal. They are all super-strong and also super-fast, however they should wait on the age of puberty before they create Heritages, special powers that will certainly permit them to eliminate. The Mogadorians have actually sought the children relentlessly, intending to kill them off before they expand effective and join pressures.

When Three is killed, Four recognizes it instantly. Every single time one of the Loric Garde is eliminated, the charm that binds them attracts a round mark around his ankle joint. The experience is excruciating as well as– worse– lets go intense heat that is apparent to the human beings around him. 4 and Henri, his Cêpan companion, quickly evacuate their house and move away. Four is only a sophomore in senior high school, however he has actually moved more than twenty times– every single time he or Henri thinks the Mogadorians could know about their whereabouts. Now the stakes are more than they have actually ever before been previously. Since Three is dead, Four is next in line to be killed.

Henri and Four– who has actually been going by the name of Daniel for the past few months– shed their identification records as well as leave their home in the Florida tricks within a couple of hrs of Three’s death. Henri picks a brand-new home in Paradise, Ohio, and Four selects a new name, John Smith. He understands that running is required, yet he is tired of it. He desires he can simply have a steady home, a few real buddies, and a normal life. He states this to Henri, that reminds him, “This isn’t regarding you.” 4 has a duty to keep himself active, to train, as well as ultimately to eliminate the Mogadorians. The 6 staying members of the Loric Garde are the only possibility their world has actually left.

On his initial morning in Paradise, Ohio, 4 starts institution. I Am Number Four Audiobook Listen Online. At the start of the day, Henri reminds him to maintain a low profile, but this proves impossible. A lovely lady called Sarah Hart flirts with him– makings Mark James, her bully ex-boyfriend, jealous. Mark journeys 4, as well as 4 looks Mark down in front of everybody. Afterward, 4 really feels hot and unstable, and his hands begin to radiance. He understands his very first Tradition needs to be developing. He can not conceal his beautiful hands or make them shut off. He fabricates a bronchial asthma assault as well as locks himself in the school darkroom until Henri could come obtain him.

In the house, Henri describes that 4’s initial Legacy is called Lumen. He will certainly be able to make his hands light up and shut off at will, as well as he will certainly develop a resistance to flame as well as warm. Nonetheless, strong emotions will certainly make the lights in 4’s hands turn on and off at random up until he learns how to regulate himself.

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